Open Water Diver Course

The Open Water Diver Course is the most basic certificate for people who want to dive around the world. Start your diver career at one of the most amazing diving spot in Okinawa, Blue Cave.



Why should you choose us?

We would use Chinese, during the course 


Hei Chao Dive license is a diving shop which also is a special shop for Chinese customers. all of the employees are professional diver. Hence, they would be easily to answer any questions about scuba diving in native Chinese. Instead of using translate application.

Learning in crystal clean, blue ocean in Okinawa


Learning dive’s skills in Okinawa, there is no pool in here. Only a crystal clean and blue ocean during the course. If you leaning with a beautiful ocean, I believe you could learn faster and happier.

People-friendly price


There are a lots of dive shops would have extra fees not included in there course price.
Our price included everything, such as course fee, scuba diving tank, scuba diving equipment, certificate fee, Chinese version textbook. Even lunch and photo taken during the course, all of them are included origin price. No extra fee will be charged after the course.
※If the last day need dive from boat, the boat fee will not be charged as well.

Learning in small classes


Normal dive shops will have 8 student as at a time, but our instructor will only carry 4 student at a time.
Since working as a small class is more safer then a normal class. Moreover, instructor could provide a better service to customers.
No matter any questions from students or learning progresses, instructor could be easier to take care of all.

Why should you choose PADI


There are a lots of dive systems in the world, such as PADI, SSI, CMAS, NAUI, PSAI, SDI/TDI.
However, 60% of diver are using PADI around the world.
PADI’s certification could be used in over 180 countries. Therefore you would not be deny to dive around the world’s dive shop. It is like a passport for divers.

PADI Open Water Diver Course schedule & price

PADI Open Water Diver Course
Origin ¥73,800
special price for internet
Included everything. need to pay 10% tax
(A 30% deposit is required for the price when registering, using Taiwan's bank transfer or credit card payment)

Maximum 15 people, minimum 2 people to start the course

Static open course date
Even you are alone could still enroll

Open course in every Sunday and Wednesday

Diving theory
Confined Water Dives
Open Water Dives
License Application

Start DateEvery Sunday & Wednesday

participantsMinimum 2 Maximum 15

Age limit13~59 Height above 135cm Weight above 35kg
(Friends who are 51 to 59 years old need to attach a doctor's diagnosis certificate for "can participate in diving courses")

Conditions of participantsThose who are unwell, have a pregnancy plan during pregnancy or in the near future, or suffer from any of the states in the statement of health status are not allowed to participate.(To download statement of health status. Please click here

Fee includedChinese textbook・4 times dive・equipment rent・license apply fee・photos・3 days lunch

BringsSwimwear, bath towels, beach slippers

※If you need an additional dive for the course, it is + ¥ 7,000
※After the end of the third day additional blue cave diving + ¥ 7,000

※You can dive on the day of arrival, but you cannot dive on the day you return. Do not take a plane within 18 hours after diving.
※If you want to save the time of the course, you can use eLearning online learning course, which requires an additional USD 202.
 Open Water Diver Course saves one day of class time

Start Date


Fill out the consent form, pay the fee, and receive the teaching materials
Experience diving, subject courses, exams
Equipment assembly and disassembly, subject examination
沖繩潛水課程OWD 沖繩 PADI OWD
AM 08:00-12:00
Confined Water Dive & practice 1
PM 13:00-17:30
Confined Water Dive & practice 2
沖繩潛水青洞 沖繩潛水PADI
AM 08:00-12:00
Open Water Dive & practice 3 & 4
PM 13:00-16:00
Exam、Diver's log
Fill the application form、Issue temporary certificate
※After the end, you can add blue cave diving + 2 hours.
沖繩浮潛青洞 沖繩潛水青洞

Introduction video

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